Join the 5-day working from home yoga challenge.

Why this challenge is perfect for you!

Feeling Stressed? Overwhelmed by the demands of working from home? Find it difficult to find time for yourself or setting boundaries?

Transform your mind, body and workday with our exclusive 5-day Yoga ChallengeWeekdays at 12.30pm, live on Zoom. Starting Monday 1st July. Cost £10.

Reclaim your schedule

No more endless to-do lists and work-induced stress. Our daily 30-minute yoga sessions fit seamlessly into your schedule, provind a refreshing lunch break that boosts your productivity and well-being.

Work from Home, Practice at Home

No need to commute to a studio. Enjoy the convenience of practicing yoga from the comfort of your home. All you need is a mat, an internet connections, and a desire to transform your work day.

Daily recordings available

Can’t make a live session? No problem! Every class is recorded and the emailed to participants after the daily class, allowing you to catch up according to your own schedule.

What’s Included?

5 Daily 30-Minute Live Yoga Session: Engage in real-time so you can block out your diary in advance and keep yourself accountable.

Access to Class Recordings: Never miss a class and practice at your own pace.

BONUS: Meditation and Mindfulness Practices: Enhance your yoga experience with additional relaxation techniques.

Dates: Weekdays, 1st – 5th July
Time: 12.30pm GMT
Location: Live on Zoom

Price: £10

Reserve your spot now and step into the light of transformation and renewal. Click the button below to register and secure your place in this magical experience.


Our workshop is led by Master Instructor Christina MacDonald, a certified yoga teacher with over 25 years of experience. Christina is known for her approachable, inclusive teaching style, deep knowledge of yoga philosophy, and a passion for helping students achieve their fullest potential on their own terms. She will help you to feel empowered to explore new depths of your practice.

Benefits of our Yoga Challenge

Reduce Stress and Anxiety: Yoga has been proven to lower stress levels and improve mental health.

Boost Productivity: By creating a little bit of mental space each day your focus and therefore efficiency will improve.

Improve Flexibility and Strength: Feel stronger and more agile with a daily yoga practice.

Enhance your Work-Life Balance: Have a great reason to help you manage your workday better and find time for yourself.

Ready to Transform your Workday and Your Life?

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