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Do you ever feel like half the yoga you see online is more about what the instructor looks like? How cute they look in their outfit or whether or not they can tie themselves up into a pretzel?

Hi, we’re the Virtual Yoga Studio and we believe that yoga should be about making you feel great and improving your relationship with yourself.

That’s why it can be such a powerful tool in:


Improving your mood and outlook


Improving quality of your sleep


Aiding relaxation


Building motivation in all areas of life


Releasing trapped emotions


Managing anxiety and depression


Assisting with pain relief


Improving self-awareness


That’s a list we can get onboard with!

It also comes with a whole host of physical benefits too.

That’s why this month months of full access to our site for just £15*

*(£5.99 per month thereafter)

About our classes

We specialise in daily 30-minute yoga classes which can be done in the comfort of your own home; which is considered the optimum daily dose of exercise to receive all of the benefits. But we also offer an exercise library, meditation sessions and a weekly 60-minute class for those that enjoy a longer option when they have the time. Participate as often or as little as you like, all included in the price.

Our classes are posted at midnight GMT and then remain on the site for 7 days before being removed and we add new permanent content all the time.

All our classes are termed as Hatha Yoga and are very much focused in the feel-good spectrum except on Sundays where we offer a Yin Yoga class which is based on a meridian line system to dredge out stored emotions and allows them to be released.

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Not sure? Give us a try risk free, if you decide we aren’t for you; you can also leave us any time, no questions asked and you don’t even have to contact us.

 As a business that cares, if you ever need to speak to us, we reply to you personally and are happy to answer your questions, take requests and listen to your feedback. We really hope we can help you find out how a little bit of yoga can go a long way.