Embrace the Magic : Join Our Transformative Full Moon Yoga Workshop

Why Attend Our Yoga Full Moon Workshop?

Join us for an unforgettable evening of yoga, meditation, and manifestation at our Yoga Full Moon Workshop. This unique event is designed to help you release negativity, set powerful intentions, and connect with your inner self. This 1.5 hour group practice is live on Zoom on 21 June at 6pm GMT. Cost £15. Please note that even if you are a member you need to book in for our workshops so the correct links are sent to you.

Transformative Yoga Practice

Experience a specially curated yoga session that aligns with the full moon’s energy. Suitable for all levels, our practice will help you find balance, flexibility, and inner peace.

Guided Meditation and Intention Setting

Deeply connect with  your subconscious with guided meditation. Learn techniques to release what no longer serves you and set powerful, positive intentions to help you move forward.

Connect with a Like-Minded Community

Practice together with a  group of like-minded individuals. The collective energy of the group will support and assist us all to create a more lasting experience.

What’s Included in the Workshop?

Yoga Session: A 60-minute yoga flow designed to align your body and spirit with the full moon.

Guided Meditation: A very special 30-minute meditation set to music to promote relaxation, inner exploration and releasing that which no longer serves you.

Limited Spots Available – Book Your Spot Today!

Date: 21 June
Time: 6pm GMT
Location: Live on Zoom

Price: £15

Reserve your spot now and step into the light of transformation and renewal. Click the button below to register and secure your place in this magical experience.


Our workshop is led by Master Instructor Christina MacDonald, a certified yoga teacher with over 25 years of experience. Christina is known for her approachable, inclusive teaching style, deep knowledge of yoga philosophy, and a passion for helping students achieve their fullest potential on their own terms. She will help you to feel empowered to explore new depths of your practice.

Join us for an Evening of Magic and Transformation

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