What are the benefits of yoga?

Yoga comes with a whole host of physical and mental benefits that you will start to feel from your very first session. Here is a list of the many known benefits of a regular yoga practice which is by no means exhaustive.

Improving mood and outlook

Stress release

Better posture

Improving symptoms of back pain

Improving quality of sleep.

Aiding relaxation

Builds motivation in all areas of life

Reduces lethargy

Increases productivity

Relieves aches and pains

Releases trapped emotions

Assists in the management of anxiety and depression

Improving self-awareness

What if I am a beginner?

Beginners are very welcome in our studio! Our classes are not at a fast pace which makes them easy to follow. The only thing you really need to get the hang of is the ‘Salute to the Sun’ routine, which once you have done a few times, you will know for life! We have a special beginners’ section of the website to get you started, but the gist is, have a go and we’re confident any concerns you have will be quickly put to rest. One of the best things about the Virtual Yoga Studio is that no one can see you which we think is a great way to try things out without judgement. A lot of yoga is about trying to make shapes with your body whilst breathing at the same time! If you ever want to look at the poses in more depth, we also have an Exercise Library which goes through what we are aiming at in detail.

How do I know if I am doing it right?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions we get and there is quite a bit we want to get across on the topic, which is why we have a dedicated blog post of the subject which you can read here:

However, in summary we would say that we provide high quality verbal cueing which makes it very clear what you are trying to achieve as well as specific videos in our Exercise Library which cover more in-depth technical look at each pose. As a business that cares, we are always just at the end of an email for all our clients, should they want to ask us any questions about their practice.

I am not very flexible, will be still be able to do the classes?

Absolutely! To us, flexibility is a bi-product of yoga, rather than a specific goal. The most important thing if you start out being tight and stiff, is that you find an appropriate ‘edge’ to your poses where you are just starting to push the envelope, but it’s still manageable. From there if you focus on your breathing we know you’ll find you are able to make good progress in a short space of time with a regular practice.

What equipment do I need?

We recommend that you use a yoga mat for your practice because it will help give you more secure footing and grip. I have also found in the past although some carpets are very soft they aren’t very pleasant for lying on face down or can be de-stabilising for your ankle joints in standing balances. Fortunately most people have some kind of mat they can use or they can be purchased very easily and inexpensively. 

With regards to other props, technically you don’t need anything but they will enhance your practice if you do use them but feel free to hold off buying anything bespoke until you know you want to make yoga part of your life. We do use a lot of props in our yin yoga sessions but they can easily be improvised with household items.

Yoga Block / brick: sturdy hard back books.
Bolster: Rolled up duvet
Extra cushioning / padding: folded towel or cushions.
Yoga strap: Martial arts belt / dressing gown strap.

I have a health condition. Can I still do yoga?

The official line remains, if you aren’t sure, check with your doctor before participating. If you are suffering from symptoms such as non-specific back pain; yoga and Pilates are continually shown as the only long term solution to these problems, with a higher success rate than any traditional medication.

How often should I practice to get the benefits?

We are confident that you will feel better right from your very first class with us. The beauty of the Virtual Yoga Studio is that you can practice any time, anywhere. We provide you with a new practice everyday but that doesn’t mean you have to visit us everyday! Fit us into your timetable however it feels appropriate to you. We also believe that you will naturally want to practice more regularly as the benefits of participating start to accumulate.

Can I cancel if I don't like it?

We believe that cancellation should be an easy process. If we aren't for you, all you have to do is login to the dashboard of the members area and cancel your subscription at anytime and your next payment will not be taken.

You can also pause your membership want to continue but don't want to be charged whilst you don't have time. You don't even need to let us know.

If that seems to complicated you can simply email us and we can cancel on your behalf.