I live in Shropshire with my husband Alex and my two step-children Libby and Toby. Alongside the Virtual Yoga Studio I also teach regular Community Classes and One-to-Ones.

I discovered Yoga when I was 14 in less than ideal circumstances. I had fractured my spine and was in constant pain. Long story short, I discovered Yoga and Pilates and have been practicing both ever since and am now fortunate enough to have pursued both as a career.

I wanted to start the Virtual Yoga Studio as a way of making Yoga accessible and affordable for everyone.

I am not an ex-dancer nor am I hyper-mobile. I am not here to show off, promote myself  nor teach you ‘Yoga for Instagram.’ This aims to be simple yoga, from a girl that loves it and wants other people to love it too. I want you to feel great and enjoy your life through yoga.


Christina x

My Vision & Mission
My mission is to make Yoga affordable and accessible to everyone so you too can experience all the benefits that Yoga has to offer with a regular home practice.

Feeling Great
My goal is to get everyone to leave class feeling great; having eased aches and pains; reduced fatigue; boosted energy and to leave you feeling calm and ready for the rest of your day.

Finding Movement
I want to teach all clients how to be curious and inquisitive towards movement. I want to help you find what feels good to you and your body so you can personalise your practice.

Broadening Horizons
One of my favourite things about Yoga is how it broadens your horizons. Hopefully as you feel physically challenged and opened up, it will help build your confidence in all areas of your life.

We offer high quality DAILY 30 minute yoga sessions. They are filmed live and streamed from my living room to yours! The classes are added everyday at midnight GMT. Classes stay on the platform for 7 days before being replaced so you have the opportunity to repeat or catch up if you like. We would categorise the style of class as Hatha Flow except on Sundays when we offer a Yin Practice.

We like to think we stay true to the yoga method and haven’t been too influenced by Western ideas about fitness, such as trying to increase heart rate all the time and that harder is better. Our take on yoga is that it should feel good. We aren’t here to show off, we are here to make you feel better!

The sessions are simple flows but are certainly now without challenge. You should walk away feeling a calm sense of mental clarity and comfortable in your own skin.